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Below you will find the Conference Agenda and Book of Abstracts in PDF format. To download them, just click on the respective images.

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Download the Conference Schedule and Abstracts

Starting with Session 4 on Thursday, track 3 will feature "Locating Media" panels. These panels - which run in parallel and supplementary to the regular conference programme - reflect all disciplines involved in the graduate school Locating Media, which include Ethnography, Socio-Informatics, Praxeology, Linguistics, Ethnology, Literary and Science and Technology Studies and (Media) Theory. Even if there is prima facie no explicit thematic geomedia connection, all the panels unifies that “Locating Media” specific issues are at the same time always interwoven and overlayed with questions of place and space, situational awareness and sometimes georeferencing media and media practices in the broader sense. Most of the panels will be held in English.